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Disinviting God to the Inauguration


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disinviting-god-to-the-inaugurAmerican Spectator:

Liberals booed God at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte last year after skittish party officials reinserted a mention of him in the platform. Nothing has changed since then. The latest secularist push of the party is to remove God from the inauguration. Prominent liberals are questioning the use of the Bible for the presidential oath and the use of prayers in the ceremony.

They have already made some progress in their demands. In 2009, Obama upset them by selecting vaguely conservative pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation. But this year Obama has chosen a non-minister and unimpeachably liberal figure to deliver it — the widow of Medgar Evers.

Obama’s decision to go outside of the clergy for the invocation, which is a historic first, met with the approval of the chattering class. They felt that that would give a nice lowest-common-denominator touch to the proceedings. No need to bring in the clergy unnecessarily. They were also pleased to hear that Obama named a Cuban-born homosexual as the inaugural poet and asked the Gay and Lesbian Band Association to march in the parade.

But Obama stumbled badly in their eyes in his selection of a pastor to deliver the benediction — Atlanta’s Louie Giglio. Last week Obama hastily corrected his error after liberal activists ferreted out a sermon Giglio delivered in the 1990s objecting to the homosexual agenda. Giglio, recognizing the seriousness of his thought crime, meekly accepted his banishment, abjectly noting that he hadn’t repeated those remarks in over a decade.Scissors-32x32.png

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