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Taxpayers pay for Bill Clinton’s Cinemax, Jimmy Carter’s Dish Network


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taxpayers-pay-for-bill-clintons-cinemax-jimmy-carters-dish-networkDaily Caller:

Bill Clinton is a multimillionaire, but you’re paying for the Cinemax in his office.

That’s just one eyebrow-raising expense a former occupant of the White House has been allowed to put on the taxpayer tab every year, even though every living ex-president is quite wealthy.

In an attempt to shed light on this little-known perk of being a former commander in chief, The Daily Caller — through a Freedom of Information Act request filed last year — has obtained thousands of pages of emails and documents from the government detailing how taxpayer money is spent on former presidents each year.

The documents obtained from the General Services Administration — the agency that oversees taxpayer funding for former presidents — are from fiscal year 2011.

Like other former presidents, Clinton — the still-popular Democrat who was recently named “Father of the Year” by The National Father’s Day Council — used the nearly $1 million dollars allocated to him from the government to cover post-presidency expenses like personnel, travel, rent and postage.



They'd like to thank you for their "free" entertainment...

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