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Warning: Liberal bullies ahead


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warning-liberal-bullies-ahead.phpPower Line:

Scott Johnson



The 2012 elections placed Minnesota in the hands of a Democratic governor in conjunction with a Democratic legislature for the first time in a generation. Republican governors and legislators have prevented a lot of damage to the state that would otherwise have taken place. The state’s Democrats now mean to satisfy the pent-up demand to give it to us good and hard. They have big plans for us. In her biweekly Star Tribune column our friend Katherine Kersten reports on one development and raises a red flag:


[E]very Minnesotan with a child in public or private school should understand that there’s more going on here than meets the eye. Antibullying legislation is coming early in the session; its final shape is unknown. But the legislative goalposts were set in August 2012 by Gov. Mark Dayton’s Task Force on the Prevention of School Bullying, whose report announced recommendations on the shape a new law should take.




That regime would include an expansive new definition of bullying; a comprehensive, mandatory antibullying policy for all public and private schools; “multi-cultural/anti-bias” education for all pre-K-12 students and annual training in antibullying strategies for all teachers, school staff and volunteers; the promotion of “values, attitudes and behaviors” that “understand the nature of human sexuality,” and a new “school climate center” at the Minnesota Department of Education.




The curriculum advised teachers not to call students “boys and girls,” on grounds this can create “internal dissonance” in some children. It called for students to read books like “Sissy Duckling,” and to be evaluated on “whether or not [they] feel comfortable making choices outside gender expectations.” Kids in grades three to five “acted out” being members of nontraditional families, including same-sex-headed families.




You got a problem with that? Democrats in Minnesota give new meaning to the dangers of “bullying.” There ought to be a law indeed. In the meantime, forewarned is forearmed.



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