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Caging the Human Cloning Beast


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caging-human-cloning-beastNRO/Human Exceptionalism:

Wesley J. Smith

January 11, 2013


The coming fight over human cloning will make the stem cell debate seem like a day at Disneyland. And it’s coming. Even as you read these words, researchers around the world are striving to lay the claim as the First Human Cloner: One small step for asexual reproduction, one giant leap for Brave New World.


When–not if–that happens, a public brouhaha will begin to ban or regulate the technology. I offer some thoughts about all this in my biweekly over at First Things. From, “The Coming Public Conflict Over Human Cloning:”


Proponents of human cloning believe it offers tremendous scientific potential and the opportunity to make fortunes. But opponents like myself—both on the political left and right—strongly believe that human cloning is intrinsically immoral, meaning that no potential utilitarian benefit justifies developing the technology.


I get into a few of the many reasons why opponents believe as we do, and then propose some ideas for keeping the beast in the cage:





The question, can it be kept in a cage? If something can be done...someone is going to do it.

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