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Chris Christie’s Long Game


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It has been a very interesting twelve months for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. As the Republican primaries heated up and one conservative after another rose and fell in popularity, if not electability, the GOP establishment began to panic and thrashed about looking for an alternative. First, they convinced a reluctant Jon Huntsman to enter the race — who promptly fell on his face in the first debate, ending his candidacy almost before it began. Then began the approach to a gaggle of moderate conservative governors and ex-governors, including a dalliance by Indiana’s chief executive Mitch Daniels and the Hail Mary pass to Jeb Bush — both of which failed.

While this was going on, Chris Christie was saving New Jersey from fiscal calamity and facing down the public unions with such pugnaciousness and adroit maneuvering that even jaded national political pundits were impressed. The trial balloons were released, the drumbeat began, and Christie himself began to entertain the idea of running.


Opposition from conservatives for a host of perceived transgressions, including appearing to like Muslims a little too much and gun grabbing, may or may not have given him pause. In the end, his decision was apparently based on the idea that he had too much work to do in New Jersey to make a run.

Instead, he became an enthusiastic backer of Mitt Romney, the eventual nominee, and became one of the most important campaign surrogates for the Romney team. His red meat-criticism of President Obama was music to the ears of most of the right. Christie skewered the president for “posing and preening” and told one Republican audience, “This is a guy who literally is walking around in a dark room trying to find the light switch of leadership.”Scissors-32x32.png

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What do you think, @Valin?


Someone has a lot of work ahead of him bending fences. Before Sandy he had a national future ahead of him, after Sandy....not so much.

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I think he is now just trying to keep himself viable in NJohmy.png


Yup! And this is a problem. The East Coast is owned lock stock and barrel by the left.

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