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We know Gloria Allred has personally met with Barack Obama. We also know Gloria Allred is currently attempting to create a whiff of scandal to aid and abet Obama's war on women narrative over some nonsense involving a scorned woman and a divorce settlement from the nineties. Furthermore, we also know this is how the Axelrod/Obama machine operates to win elections because unsealing divorce records to destroy opponents is exactly what they've done before. What's new in today's scenario, though, is that The Boston Globe has officially joined the Obama/Axelrod/Chicago Dirty Trick Brigade.



No one is saying it's surprising that the Boston Globe would join forces with Chicago, only that it's new. After all, the Boston Globe is infamous for its left-wing bias and longtime animus towards Republicans, including the paper's former governor, Mitt Romney. The paper coming clean like this, though, and openly taking part in manufacturing an October Surprise against Mitt Romney is, however, a new low:


A Massachusetts judge will hold another hearing Thursday before deciding whether to unseal testimony that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave in the divorce case of Staples founder Tom Stemberg.



Ex-wife Maureen Stemberg Sullivan appeared in court Wednesday with lawyer Gloria Allred. They said they did not object to a Boston Globe motion to lift an impoundment order on Romney's testimony in the case from the early 1990s.Scissors-32x32.png

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