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The Great Loss of What It Means to Be an American


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the_great_loss_of_what_it_means_to_be_an_american.htmlAmerican Thinker:

Speaking and singing at rallies on the Rebuild America Defeat Obama national bus tour, I am blessed to look patriots in the eye and feel their love for their country. My speech conveys how offended I am that Obama continues to lower the standard of what it means to be an American.


In 1956, my black dad broke the color barrier to become a Baltimore firefighter. The white firefighters at Engine 6 hated my dad. Despite horrific conditions, Dad won Firefighter of the Year two times. Dad won not because of lowered standards, affirmative action, or someone deciding that it was the black guy's turn. Dad won because he was the best. That was a time when America celebrated excellence.


As kids, my four younger siblings and I were taught by our parents that we were proud Marcuses, held to a higher standard. Liberals believe that to be proud of who you are somehow diminishes others, which is absurd. Our Marcus pride, and our behaving accordingly, inspired friends to raise the bar of their behavior.


Even drunks in our Maryland black suburban community respected my dad and kept an eye out for his kids. "Hey, leave that little girl alone. She's one of Rev. Moccasin's kids!"

My father convinced his five children that it meant something to be a Marcus.

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