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Obama talks up auto industry rescue: More cars, better cars


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obama-talks-auto-industry-rescue-more-cars-better-Washington Times:

President Obama on Saturday touted his administration’s rescue of the American auto industry, a theme the president and vice president have been hammering home on the campaign trail, especially in swing state Ohio.

“Just a few years ago, the auto industry wasn’t just struggling — it was flatlining,” Mr. Obama said in his weekly prerecorded Saturday address. “But we refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt. We bet on American workers and American ingenuity, and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way.”

“All of this is something the American people can and should be proud of,” he added. “It’s a reminder that when the American people put their mind to something, there’s nothing we can’t do.”Scissors-32x32.png

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