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Is al-Qaeda Dead? A Conversation with Ambassador Husain Haqqani


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defenddemocracy.orgFFD: 5/29/12



One year after U.S. Navy SEALS and CIA operatives killed Osama bin Laden, some have claimed that al-Qaeda is mortally wounded without its charismatic founder. Yet, the terrorist network continues to plot attacks against the West, with the assistance of Iran and parts of Pakistan's security services. How much of a threat does al-Qaeda pose to U.S. national security? How has the terrorist network adapted to its new dynamic post-bin Laden? How significant is the assistance of Iran and Pakistan to al-Qaeda? What does this assistance mean for the future of U.S.-Pakistani relations and U.S. involvement in the Afghanistan-Pakistan theater?


FDD is pleased to host Ambassador Husain Haqqani to discuss these timely and important questions. Amb. Haqqani will be joined by FDD experts Reuel Marc Gerecht and Bill Roggio.

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