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Memorandum for the Vice President


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memorandum-for-the-vice-presidAmerican Spectator:

From: Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to VPOTUS

Subject: Debate Advice


Mr. Vice President, we have a situation. Following the historic drubbing in last week's presidential debate in Denver at the hands of a never-before-seen, "pro-middle-class" Mitt Romney, the race has tightened to a dead heat. The President's political fate now rests with you.


I know. The thought scares us just as much as it scares you.

But don't panic, Sir.


Thursday's vice presidential debate offers you an ideal chance, in front of 40 million viewers, to save the President's bacon. (And to clarify your widely misinterpreted statement that "The middle class has been buried for the last four years" under our Administration's policies.)


The key to victory: scare the dentures out of seniors.


One month ago, Gov. Romney enjoyed an incredible 20-point lead among voters over the age of 60. But thanks to our "Medi-scare" television ads, we've been able to whittle that lead down to just a few points.


Now you can finish the job. Here's how:


1) No matter what the question is, begin and end your answer with the words, "Republican Medicare cuts." Yes, I realize the Romney-Ryan Medicare reform plan doesn't make any changes affecting people 55 and older, doesn't reduce benefits, and doesn't ration patients' access to care, like our plan does. It actually gives seniors more choices and makes the program more affordable for future generations. But hey, we are desperate here!


And as you always remind us, "Politics ain't tiddly-bags."Scissors-32x32.png

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