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Islanders prepare for Greek Festival


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Gyros, thin-sliced roasted meat folded in a pita, will be served at the festival.

Islanders prepare for Greek Festival


By Bernice Torregrossa


Published October 10, 2012

Saturday’s Greek Festival at Assumption of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church in Galveston brings together many Greek traditions.


The festival features dancing, singing and pastries often associated with Greek celebrations and meals prepared by some of the best cooks in the local Greek community.


“We spend at least four weeks preparing the food for the festival,” Tikie Kriticos said.


Kriticos, owner of the two Olympia Grill restaurants on the island, cooks much of the meat served at the Greek Festival.


Souvlakia, meat kebabs served on skewers, and gyros, thin-sliced roasted meat folded in a pita, will be served throughout the day.


“The souvlakia is roasted over coals on a charcoal pit,” Kriticos said. “The gyro meat is cooked on a special infrared ceramic grill. Scissors-32x32.png









Tzatziki Sauce


SOURCE: Recipes provided by Mary Jo Naschke


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