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TIMMONS: Romney’s strong jobs program


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romney-beats-obama-on-jobsWashington Times:

It’s telling that some are heralding 7.8 percent unemployment as a hopeful sign. After all, Americans used to consider joblessness the exception, not the rule. But going on four years of record unemployment, it seems to be becoming the norm in the United States.

President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney have made big promises when it comes to job creation, but Americans hear promises from politicians all the time. What’s important is how our elected leaders intend to go about fulfilling them.

A key part of the solution is manufacturing. Manufacturing means jobs and economic growth. As the economic sector with the strongest multiplier effect in terms of investment and jobs, when manufacturing thrives, the entire economy benefits. The United States, however, has erected too many barriers for manufacturers to compete with others around the world. Compared to our major trading partners, it’s 20 percent more expensive to manufacture in the United States due to policies we have imposed on ourselves, such as burdensome tax rates and excessive regulations. That disadvantage does not include the cost of labor.

The bad news is that our leaders have neglected these obstacles to job creation for too long. The good news is we have the ability to tear them down.Scissors-32x32.png

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