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Krugman's MMMF Question


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Krugman's MMMF Question

Mises Daily:Monday, October 08, 2012 by Mises Institute Faculty

Let Me Google That for You, Paul

By Mark Thornton

Paul Krugman attacked Ron Paul, Paul Ryan, and "honest money" and also took a shot at Austrian economists on his blog recently. He called honest money a "Ron Paul dog whistle" and then went on to query Austrian economists on their position on money-market mutual funds (MMMF). He doesn't expect a serious answer. Scissors-32x32.png


First, They Ignore You …

By Peter Klein

Paul Krugman writes a typically silly column on the Austrian School's approach to defining the money supply. As usual, his purpose is not to inform, or analyze, or explore, but to ridicule anyone who disagrees with The Paul. A few reactions:

The substantive question, do Austrians consider money-market mutual funds as part of the money supply, is easily answered with 30 seconds of research, which is apparently more than Paul could muster up. Paul, use The Google!

Krugman frequently mocks ideas he does not understand, so his tone and style here are hardly surprising. But it's interesting that he finds Ron Paul's "hard-money" views influential enough to mention.

Krugman seems to believe that the Republican establishment, and Paul Ryan in particular, are Scissors-32x32.png

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