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2012 Presidential Election part 6


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Mittzine will appear in 5 battleground states Sunday


By NBC’s Alex Moe & Garrett Haake


CIRCLEVILLE, OH & PENSACOLA, FL -- Voters in several key battleground states will find something unusual when they open their Sunday papers this week: a "Mittzine," a magazine all about Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.


The insert, paid for by a pro-Romney superPAC , is a glossy, full-color 12-page publication that will be packaged into roughly 4.5 million newspapers in Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Florida.


The magazine was paid for by a super PAC called the "Ending Spending Action Fund," which was founded by conservative billionaire Joe Ricketts, founder of TD Ameritrade and an owner along with his family of the Chicago Cubs. Originally focused on combating congressional earmarks, the group now espouses spending cuts and debt reduction as well, according to a profile compiled by the transparency-in-government website OpenSecrets.Org. Scissors-32x32.png



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Out Of Ideas!


October 28, 2012 | Filed under 2012 Presidential Race,Barack Obama | Posted by Dan Karipides

Near where I grew up in Ohio there was a town called Hamilton. Fair or not, Hamilton was a town that was not known for much. Or rather, it was that town you were kinda glad you weren’t from. The was even a sign in the style of the Hollywood sign along the banks of a river that cut through the town that was something of a local joke. Back in 1986, the powers that be decided they needed something to make Hamilton special. Their big decision? They changed the name to Hamilton!, OH. It was so absurd that Rand MacNally refused to put the exclamation point on their maps. To everyone else it was just a sign that the Hamilton city council was out of ideas.

Apparently, earlier this week, the Obama campaign changed the official slogan from FORWARD to FORWARD! No, I’m not kidding. Just how did that conversation go? Scissors-32x32.pngLMFAO.gif


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Polls with Large Voter Samples All Favor Romney; Smaller, Less Reliable Polls All Favor Obama. Why?


October 24, 2012 - 7:03 pm


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RealClearPolitics publishes a continuously updated average of all major national presidential polls — as of this evening, their chart looks like this:


(Note that the RCP chart is updated frequently, so that by the time you read this, it may be slightly different.)


But whenever I check the RCP average, including today, I notice something odd: The larger the polling sample size, the more the poll favors Mitt Romney.

I’ve copied the RCP data and pasted it in here in a format that I can re-order. First, here’s how RCP organizes the chart, which they do chronologically, with the most recent poll at the top: Scissors-32x32.png


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