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The Navy's Newest Guided Missile Destroyer Is A Deadly Beauty


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Daniel Goodman

Oct. 5, 2012


The U.S. Navy's newest destroyer class warship, the 510-foot USS Michael Murphy, recently laid anchor at New York City's Pier 88 for its commissioning ceremony.


On Saturday, the ship will participate in a long standing naval tradition, the commissioning ceremony, which marks the moment a new ship is formally placed in active service. Of course, we will be there tomorrow to cover the action. The US Navy will also be live streaming the event.


The new ship consists of a crew of 290 well-trained Navy service-men and -women led by Commander Thomas E. Shultz. The ship is named after Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy, who risked and lost his own life in 2005 in an effort to call for aid for his men and himself after being ambushed by over 50 anti-coalition militia fighters in Afghanistan.





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It should be pointed out that those in the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE don't need signs to tell them Right From Left.



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