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Allen West to CNBC host: “Don’t challenge my intelligence!”


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In a combative interview on CNBC this morning Allen West defended his suspicion that the Obama administration is cooking the unemployment numbers, saying they simply don’t add up. He cites how the U6 number didn’t budge nor did the labor participation rate, yet the unemployment rate fell three tenths of a percent. He also questions these prior month upward revisions to the jobless rate, asking if they did another survey to substantiate those revisions.

The CNBC host tried to make West look like a nutty conspiracy theorist, even comparing him to Harry Reid when he alleged that Romney hadn’t paid taxes. West interrupted the host and after a short defense of himself he told the host not to question his intelligence, and then cited how the president had just got through blaming the assassination of our ambassador in Libya on a video. In short, there are many reasons to be suspicious of this administration across the board.

Watch: (at site)

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