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Education Meltdown: Why Won’t Back Down Could Be This Generation’s China Syndrome


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R.J. Moeller



If you claim to care about the state of American public education and don’t see the new Daniel Barnz film Won’t Back Down, please find the nearest child in your general vicinity and apologize to them for being a part of the problem.


Then go and find Michael Douglas, Jane Fonda, and the ghost of Jack Lemmon to let them know that Hollywood has finally produced a new film that will replace The China Syndrome, the feel-good film of the ’70s that got nuclear energy banned. If we play our cards right, Won’t Back Down will become the movie that could become the one teachers and professors reference when discussing the positive impact pop culture can have on public policy. More on this in a minute.




Which brings us to the second reason you should see this film: It offers the viewer, voter and taxpayer, a bipartisan opportunity to consider how to implement change for the better in this society.




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