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Can You Find The Racism?


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can-you-find-the-racismFlopping Aces:





Can You Find The Racism?


By: Curt |


Corporeal Whinny @ The People’s Cube:


In the Current Zeitgeist™, racism can be found in the very air we breathe. Some of the most obvious and glaring examples of racism go completely unnoticed to the witless, small-minded CONservative eye, but for us enlightened ones who engage our Prog-Vision™, no act of racism goes unnoticed.


Take for example the two-year rethuglikkkan witch hunt over alleged “ethics violations” of one of our very best highly esteemed Elitists, Maxine “dirty” Waters. Originally, Maxine “dirty” Waters was charged with meddling in minority-owned OneUnited, who ultimately received $12 million through the federal Troubled Asset Relief Program to help offset losses from investments in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Waters’s actions occurred during the height of the financial crash, when many banks were facing difficulties because of investments in the federal housing agencies.

It sounds bad, but bear in mind her intentions. She was only doing it for The Chul’rens™. Read on.

In a House Ethics panel memorandum, it went something like this:


[...]the Statement of Alleged Violation asserts that the day after the

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