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Romney Shuts Down Questioner Who Claimed Teachers Unions Are Popular: ‘I Don’t Believe It For A Second’


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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney sat down with NBC News anchorBrian Williams on Tuesday at the NBC Education Nation summit in New York City. During a question and answer session, a parent and elected school board member who cited a poll which he claimed showed that the teachers union in New York City enjoyed broad popularity among parents. “I don’t believe it for a second,” Romney said, shutting down the premise of the town hall participant’s question.

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During his appearance at the Education Nation event on Tuesday, Romney was asked how he would increase student choice options in schools for the majority and not just the “small minority” of NYC students who attend charter schools.

Romney replied that the state of Florida can serve as a model for the nation which allows students to choose which public schools they wish to attend.

//Video of exchange at site//


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Ha! NICE job Mitt!


Don't accept the premise of the question, and hit back. VERY nicely done.


Now I'm going to have to go read what Bill O'blowhard had to say.


Edited to add: Blech. I shouldn't have done that. And then I read the comments afterwards. Reading those you'd think that Romney was loosing every state by double digits. I don't miss Bill at all.

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