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·Professor Obama: 1 of every 10 days on school campuses


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2506822The Washington Examiner:



·Professor Obama: 1 of every 10 days on school campuses



Paul Bedard




President Barack Obama speaks at the University of Colorado campus in Boulder. (Getty Images)

Updated: 4 hr ago

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - President Obama has visited colleges and high schools one out of every 10 days since taking office, a key signal of how important the youth vote is to his reelection and how determined he is to rebuild the lost enthusiasm young voters had for his 2008 hope and change campaign according to a new study.

But the magic isn't working, in part because good jobs are hard for college grads to find and the Romney-Ryan campaign has stepped up belittling the president's job-making tactics. Obama won 66 percent of the youth vote in 2008. A July Pew poll had 61 percent of younger voters favoring Obama.

From the day he took office until Monday, August 27, the former college professor has visited campuses 132 times over 1,316 days, an unofficial presidential record, according Scissors-32x32.png

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