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Women of Substance


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Women of Substance


By: Skook





Prologue: Another chapter from my historical novel about the Oregon Trail.








The Hermoso family owned a vast tract of land West of Santa Fe, in an area that was to become the western portion of the state of New Mexico. It was a land grant awarded by the King of Spain, as a result of the heroic and bloodthirsty actions of Ignacio Hermoso during the conquest of Mexico. One of the early conquistadors, Ignacio was dark and diminutive, and said to be of Moorish heritage; he was considered a methodical, coldblooded killer among coldblooded killers. A devout Catholic who prayed out loud and recited scripture while performing his gruesome homicidal rites with religious fervor.


As any geneticist or stockman will tell you, some traits are inherited through generations and some are discarded. Ignacio’s detached indifference toward killing disappeared in later generations, but it was replaced by cruelty and sadism. The devotion to God and the Catholic Church, were replaced by the feelings of omnipotence and self-deification that are often taken on by those with vast holdings and enormous wealth. The sons, grandsons, and great grandsons of Ignacio ruled their holdings with a ruthlessness that struck terror among the Indians and Mexicans who lived on the Hermoso Hacienda and were considered to be the property Hermoso family. The Hermoso family considered themselves to be law, the law ordained by God and the King of Spain. The only people who opposed them were raiding Indians and Comancheros.


Through the generations, the bloodlust was passed down, along with excessive and cruel carnal desires, a trait that led to fierce opposition in the future. The Hermoso men took wives and mistresses whose taste for cruelty rivaled their own, but any Mexican or Indian woman was considered property and to be enjoyed and discarded with indifference.


Heredity and inheritance was often decided with poison and assassination, but the family managed to hold together and Scissors-32x32.png Read More



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