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170-Year-Old Champagne Sells For Over $156K


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170-Year-Old Champagne Sells For Over $156K



By Allen Starbury | Published 06/08/12


Jay-Z may be popping Ace Of Spades, but those gold bottles don't compare to the world's oldest bubbly that sold (via auction) on Friday (June 8) for over six figures.

According to Bloomberg, 11 bottles of champagne sold at an auction in Finland on Friday for more than $156,000.

The bottles were the oldest in the world, because they've been sitting on the bottom of the sea for 170 years. Six bottles were Juglar, a long-defunct Champagne house that disappeared in 1829; four were Veuve Clicquot; and one was Heidsieck. Scissors-32x32.png Read More




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