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Gay marriage advances in Maryland, vetoed in New Jersey


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gay-marriage-advances-maryland-vetoed-jersey-002139268.htmlYahoo News:

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (Reuters) - Maryland's House of Delegates approved by a razor-thin margin a measure on Friday that would allow same-sex couples to marry, putting it on the road to joining six other states where gay and lesbian nuptials are legal.

The vote in Maryland, which prompted cheers from a packed chamber gallery in Annapolis, came shortly after Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a similar bill. Christie accompanied his veto with a call for lawmakers in Trenton to appoint an advocate for same-sex couples under the state's existing civil union law.

Despite Christie's veto, the Maryland action capped an historic week for gay rights advocates with bills to legalize same sex marriage passing legislatures in two states, and the governor of Washington signing into law a gay marriage bill.

While still highly contentious, gay marriage has gained suprising momentum in the states ahead of November's presidential elections, with supporters framing it as a civil rights issue and opponents saying marriage should be reserved for unions between a man and a woman.



This is as it should be. Leave the Federal government out of it.

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