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America deserves a choice


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article.php?id=49431Human Events:


It’s getting late, so I’ll get right to the point: We only have nine months to defeat Barack Obama – nine months to reject his agenda of debt, doubt, and decline. And while defeating this President is necessary to getting America back on track, it is hardly sufficient.


Put simply, Americans deserve a choice – and it is our responsibility to offer them one. They deserve an opportunity, not just to divert from the President’s path to decline, but to affirm a reform agenda that restores our bedrock of founding principles.

Now is the time to promote American exceptionalism, remove barriers to upward mobility for those in need, and put the nation back on a path to renewed prosperity for all.


Look, the Obama presidency has been a disappointing failure. He should have taken steps immediately to restore confidence in the American economy.


Instead, he sidetracked the economy to pursue a debt‐fueled ideological agenda that squandered the trust of the American people.

Yes, he inherited a tough situation, rooted in decades of bad policies supported by Democrats and Republicans alike. But this President and his administration made a bad situation far worse.


His interventions into the private sector were not just wrong in themselves. They were marred by political favoritism and discredited economic theories.

And his idea of Wall Street reform was to provide more protection and preferential treatment for big banks, and to empower the same regulators who didn’t see the last crisis coming.


He sold us a massive stimulus bill as a way to keep unemployment from ever rising above 8 percent.

Instead, it added hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt and planted the seeds for an outbreak of crony capitalism, as job losses continued to mount.Scissors-32x32.png

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That was excellent.



As constitutional conservatives, let’s offer Americans the choice they deserve. This is the moment we were made for. It is time to prove that the Founders got it right, both for centuries past and for centuries to come.


Let’s contrast the President’s path to decline with our own path that lifts the debt, promotes prosperity, and restores the greatness of the American Idea.


Let’s stay united. Let’s advance sensible reform where common ground can be reached. But where the President pushes his extremism, let’s make clear how we will do things differently as soon as we take back the Senate and the White House.


If we do that, then we can win this election with a mandate to last a generation – to save this country we love.


Now is the time. Now is the time for choosing our destiny. Thank you.

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