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Don’T Vote!-It Just Encourages The Rinos


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Don-t-Vote!-It-Just-Encourages-the-RINOsRicochet: Ian Hanchett



In the wake of Mitt Romney’s resounding victory in Florida’s primary, the odds of anyone other than Romney capturing the Republican nomination seem to be as low as the odds Barack Obama will be offered a guest professorship at Hillsdale College. As one of the many conservatives who are less than enthused about the nomination of a self-described “Progressive whose views are moderate,” the time has come to decide whether or not to bite the bullet and vote for Romney in the general election. Traditional party orthodoxy suggests that I should support the lesser of two evils. However, Romney’s ideology is so antithetical to the principles of conservatism that I believe the best thing I can do for the conservative movement and the country in the upcoming election is refuse to give my support or vote to Mitt Romney.




Jonah Goldberg recently wrote a column arguing that dissatisfied conservatives should vote for Romney because he will owe the conservatives who elected him and govern like a conservative. Unfortunately, Romney and his supporters have shown no sign that they care what conservatives in the Republican Party think. Romney’s scorched-earth campaign tactics against Newt Gingrich and the dismissive, snide treatment Romney’s apologists have given anyone who dares question The Mitt Romney’s conservatism (I’m looking at you, Ann Coulter and David Frum) doesn’t bode well for conservatives who hope Romney will listen to them. Furthermore, voting for Romney will hardly make him want to listen to conservatives. If anything, it will show that Romney can take conservatives for granted and still earn their votes.


Mitt Romney’s approach towards government places him drastically outside the conservative camp. Instead of arguing that big government must be eliminated, Romney seems to believe that he can run big government well. Voting for Romney sends the message that conservative voices can be ignored with impunity. Conservatives are ignored by candidates like Romney because they believe conservatives will simply vote for whoever has an R next to their name, the only way to ensure the GOP understands that conservative voices cannot be ignored is to show that our votes are not guaranteed. Mitt “I’m a Progressive” Romney is the ideal candidate to use as proof that even the most loyal Republicans have their limits and will not vote for Liberalism Light.






Valid, Persuasive? Give Me A Break?

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Ok, that is ridiculous. I think hard fought primaries are a good thing for everyone involved. Including the country. I'm not sure I believe the Godlberg/Coulter positions, but they are entitled to their opinions.


To not vote, is to essentially hand the election over to Obama. And I'm sorry, despite the similarities between Romneycare and Obamacare, one was done at the state level and the other at the federal level. That right there is a huge difference.


Romney may not be Ron Paul or Michelle Bachmann, but I just don't see how making an argument that SOME better is no better than ALL better is just weird.


I am back to my mantra: I am voting against Obama, period.

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Any discussion about how "finished" this decision is should have a delegate-o-meter. Mitt has 74 delegates I think. How many does he need? Yeah, he's just a few hundreds shy. Even then, it's no guarantee. I think it's ridiculous that Santorum has 1/3 the popular vote of Mitt and he has only captured 1 delegate versus his 74. But then, what in politics makes sense or is fair.


Here in Virginia, the requirements to get on the primary ballot are akin to playing Jenga in a wind tunnel apparently to discourage lunatics, Ralph Nader (redundant), and actual candidates alike. As such, my only voting options are Ron Paul and Mitt Romney with no write-ins. I'm actually leaning towards a Ron Paul vote at this point, because a ) It's not Mitt Romney, and b ) I just can't see Ron Paul taking it. If he does, you can blame me. I feel cheated in this primary as do most Virginians. Another election where I feel like I have to take a shower after voting.

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A lot is going to come down to how competitive the eventual Republican nominee is against Obama. If it looks like the Republican is going to lose by a significant margin, I agree that not voting for him will be better than voting for him. A defeat is a defeat. A crushing defeat might send a message. Not that anyone in Washington is listening.

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