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Barack Obama's Always 'Helpful' Never 'Hurtful' Lies


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American Thinker:

For those Americans who were still unsure whether Barack Obama really does lack authenticity, the President has finally come clean and confirmed that he does indeed have a tendency to lie.

Prior to Christmas, courtesy of Barbara Walters and the ABC News program 20/20, President Obama presented the nation with an important pre-2012 election gift. Answering questions from the probing "Proust Questionnaire," the President admitted that in addition to how he views the rest of America, he too is "a little bit lazy," and on occasion exhibits a predisposition to fudge the truth.

Hearkening back to the 2008 presidential campaign, it was Senator John McCain that first made an insightful statement about presidential hopeful Barack Obama. At the time, the GOP candidate addressed Obama's accusation that McCain had opposed regulation to avert the housing bubble crisis by pointing out: "I guess he believes if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough it will be believed."

Obviously, McCain's warning about Obama's dishonesty did not deter the American public from putting the less-than-truthful Illinois senator in the White House. John McCain lost the election, but before he did he asked a question that every American should still be asking: "Who is the real Barack Obama?"

Since then, the number of voices agreeing with John McCain's original contention that his Democrat opponent suffered from an acute case of mythomania has grown. Over the past three years, the short list of those who have concurred with Senator McCain include: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito; Joe Wilson (R-SC) of "You lie" fame; and Texas Democrat Congressman and Obama supporter Martin Frost, who accurately pointed out that in an effort to push a green agenda, Obama "at times...is not telling the truth."

Even billionaire casino tycoon Steve Wynn joined the 'Barack lies' chorus and pointed out to Neil Cavuto of Fox News that "You guys on television use the term 'disingenuous' when the president ... says something that isn't true. That's a fancy word for lying."snip
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