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Dr. Daschle


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American Spectator:

Dr. Daschle
By Philip Klein on 10.14.10 @ 6:10AM

We have nothing to fear from ObamaCare.

According to Tom Daschle, the former Senate majority leader and one-time nominee to be the administration's health care guru, those who are afraid of the beneficent new law are simply falling for "scare tactics."

"Most Americans are happy with their health care, even if they are sympathetic to other people's problems," Daschle writes in his new book, Getting It Done: How Obama and Congress Finally Broke the Stalemate to Make Way for Health Care Reform. "So when reform opponents try to tell them that reform might ruin what they like about their health care, the scare tactics often succeed."

Daschle later reminds us that people "are vulnerable to scare tactics" and that there have been "a lot of scare tactics about how much power the IRS will have" and that right now, "Many Republicans are doing everything they can to stoke the public's fears about the law…"
Instead of falling victim to these tactics, now's the time for everybody to embrace the new law, because it "will have the best chance of success if the country accepts it."snip
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