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John Dingell’s death grip on power


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Daily Caller:

If your family has held onto a congressional seat for over 75 years, if you were first elected when a veteran of the Civil War was still alive, if you are the longest serving member of the House of Representatives in history, one might say your power is pretty well entrenched.

But for Rep. John Dingell, 84, that death grip on power may be slipping.snip
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“This was not an isolated incident in terms of the posture of people is clearly they are fearful of the government and their representative, and that’s of course the posture of tyranny, instead of the posture of liberty, where the government fears the people. That’s the classic Jefferson quote, where there’s tyranny, the people fear the government, where there’s liberty, the government fears the people,” Steele said in an interview Wednesday.


Amazing how the fear of an 84 year old geezer can intimidate small businesses and other donors into NOT contributing to a candidate who is far more aware and up to date on the issues. It's not so much tyranny as cowardice.

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