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Matthews: Chilean Miners Would Be Dead if They Followed Tea Party's 'Every Man for Himself' Philosophy


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News Busters:

Leave it to Chris Matthews to shoe-horn in a crass political point against the Tea Party, even in the midst of a heartwarming story like the rescue of the Chilean miners. On Wednesday's Hardball, the MSNBC host, along with his guest Richard Trumka, president of the AFL/CIO, claimed those miners would never have survived if they had followed the "every man for himself" philosophy of the Tea Party crowd.

After Trumka initially recounted his joy at watching the miners being rescued, he quickly veered into his standard rhetoric of the need for more regulation. Matthews then picked up on Trumka's cue to launch into an attack on the Tea Party, as he distorted their limited government view as one of total anarchy that would mean "no more government, no more everything," as seen in the following exchange:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Okay let's talk about what the...message to a lot of the people was. The message coming out of the Tea Party people, and lot of them are good people, is every man for himself, basically. "No more taxes, no more government, no more everything. No more safety net. No more health care for everybody. Everybody just get out there, make your buck, save it, screw the government, move on." Right?


MATTHEWS: You know these people, if they were every man for himself down in that mine they wouldn't have gotten out.

TRUMKA: That's exactly right.

(video below the fold)

MATTHEWS: They would have been killing each other after about two days. This is a story of how people can work together, the people who were down there for two months. The people who were above ground from all over the world, using state of the art equipment not to get rid of the need for manpower but to save manpower in this case.

TRUMKA: You know this is just another example of how radical the Republican Party is becoming, do away with the minimum wage. You just talked about that. Bad policy, it will wreck the economy. If you didn't have government regulation, you wouldn't have clean water, you wouldn't have cars that were safe, you wouldn't have electricity that you could afford, I mean, just a number of things where you need a good, efficient government and they just throw all that aside.


Even as the last miner is rescued, Lardball reaches a new low, even for him.
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What a (*(****&)#(#$U#$U


Perhaps his malaria or diabetes has affected him more than we know.


He once carried a gun. He was once a Capitol police officer. Scary thought.

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[to Matthews]


You ASS, if Obama had followed the wise choices of the Chilean president, the oil spill in the Gulf would have been cleaned up months earlier. He reached out to the world for the best possible problem solvers and the result was the rescue of 33 miners earlier than was expected. Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? Go to H-E-double L!!!!!

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If the mine disaster had occurred here under Zero's watchful eye and the Mineral Managent team, Zero would have dithered for 68 days, called commissions, called the Ay-rabs, declared a moratorium on all drilling including any rescue attempts, called his lawyers, eventually have the shaft filled, and established an ACORN community center on top for the widows with a Mosque drive-thru on the side.

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I figured you would, nickydog!


:lmfao: This grandma of 4 agrees with GRANDMAOF5.







Can we switch our President with the Chilean one and put Chris Matthews in the mine. I want to be proud of America again.

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