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NYT Coons Profile: What YDS Values?


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American Spectator:

The New York Times profiles Chris Coons this morning. The Delaware Democrat who is the opponent of Christine O'Donnell is looked at in typical Times fashion. The paper brings up O'Donnell's high school date with the witch guy. There was a reference to O'Donnell and masturbation. Then there was this:

She: awash in disputes about what her educational credentials are and whether she has exaggerated them. He: a double major in political science and chemistry at Amherst College with graduate degrees from both the law and divinity schools at Yale University.

You just have to admire the paper's ability to get away with this kind of thing unchallenged for decades. O'Donnell, you see, is "awash in disputes about what her educational credentials are." Coons? Nary a mention of his controversial "Yale Divinity School values" pledge. Not a word of YDS and witchcraft, Queer worship, socialism or liberation theology. Nope. Nada.

The paper mentions his travels to Africa. But not a word -- not one -- about his dalliance with liberation theology. Nor is there a solitary mention that 12 of Coons endorsements come from groups who signed up to march alongside the Communist Party and Hezbollah supporters the other weekend.

This is what liberal media bias looks like. The conservative is impugned… the liberal cast as a secular saint. Any problems in liberal land? Naaaaaaaaaah. Good ole' Chris Coons. That Bearded Marxist stuff…what a great joke. And did you know his opponent, awash in disputes, is a witch?

This line of attack no longer flies in a day and age where the New Media thrives. It gets answered.

A closer examination of Chris Coons or any other liberal candidate? Not to be found in the paper once heralded as "the paper of record." Its credibility has long since washed away.

You might even say the New York Times has cast a spell on itself that even Dumbledore couldn't break.

//The End//
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