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Conyers Has Driver's License Suspended After Bounced Check


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Fox News:

DETROIT-- Rep. John Conyers, the powerful chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, had his driver's license suspended for a month this summer when a check he used to pay the renewal fee bounced, according to Michigan driving records obtained by The Associated Press.

The 81-year-old Detroit Democrat tried to renew his license at a secretary of state branch office on Feb. 2, the records show. Months later, state officials determined the bank account tied to the check had insufficient funds, and his license was suspended on June 30.

Conyers eventually paid the fee, and his suspension was lifted July 26.

Asked for an explanation, Conyers' Detroit district office responded with a written statement that said "a check was inadvertently written to renew the chairman's driver's license from an account that had been recently closed.

"As a result his driver's license was suspended," the statement said. "Immediately upon learning of this, a replacement cashier's check was provided, and his driver's license was immediately reinstated."

Considering how much his party likes to spend, I'm surprised more of their checks aren't made out of rubber... :rolleyes:
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Uh....the state said insufficient funds, and the statement said the account was closed.


Those are two different things and the receiver of the check knows the difference.


It looks like Democrats run their personal finances the way they run the country.

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