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It's Official: Emanuel for Chicago Mayor


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ABC News:

Rahm Emanuel officially announced his candidacy for mayor of Chicago in a YouTube video that was posted today on his new campaign website, ChicagoforRahm.com.

Emanuel's announcement has been expected since Friday, when he resigned from his position as White House chief of staff and then immediately left Washington for Chicago.

In today's video announcement, Emanuel praised current Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's leadership, but spoke of a need to address Chicago's challenges, from safety on the streets to improving schools and attracting jobs.

Emanuel said an early part of his campaign will involve a listening tour across Chicago's neighborhoods to find out what Chicago residents want from their next mayor. :snip:
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The word I am hearing is that it's hoped that Guttierez and whomever the Black candidate might be will cross each other out and leave Rahm standing. Rahm's internal polling must be good or else he wouldn't consider doing this. I'm sure Axelrod's old firm is running his campaign. I still, for the sake of Chicago, think Rahm would be better for the city than some of the other people running.

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That is interesting, Stella! Why is Rahm better for the city?


Because he's smart and will do a good job. He'll be a replay of Daley and the machine who kept the city a showplace. Guttierez is all about turning this sanctuary city into another Mexico. When Harold Washington was mayor the city was a rundown gang free for all. When you get elected on the strength of a minority, there is so much patronage hiring and corruption, that the bigger picture of the city gets lost. Ever since Obama won the election, the shootings and gangs have been out of control because all the Blacks think Obama will protect them and it turns out they are right. Despite the hundreds of shootings terrorizing the people on the South and West side, there is only one shooter in jail.


The city is bankrupt because its a sanctuary city. They are building lots of new schools to accommodate the illegal kids. The state has completely stopped paying the city hospitals for Medicaid and all the illegals going through the ERs. The police are having trouble hiring new policemen because they are constantly getting sued if they try to keep law and order. Guttierez wants no requirements at all for new policemen. Right now, they are required to have 2 years of college. The Teachers Union is an absolute disaster sheltering bad teachers and only 40% of high school kids graduate.


On top of that, you have taxpayers fleeing the city and state. Thousands have left. They are being replaced by twice as many illegals.


I'm not sure who could handle the mess but of all the people running, Rahm is the only one with the personality to succeed.

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