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Emanuel returns home – but no hero's welcome awaits


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U K Independent :

Emanuel returns home – but no hero's welcome awaits
By David Usborne, US Editor
Saturday, 2 October 2010

Obama's Embarrassment
Rahm Emanuel failed in DC.He'll do the same in Chicago

Shortly before Barack Obama announced the much-anticipated resignation of his top aide Rahm Emanuel yesterday, the White House Chief of Staff's colleagues at their regular early morning meeting gave him a going away gift to remember.

It came handsomely wrapped. It was a dead Asian carp.

So his friends think it stinks that he is leaving. (They were also alluding to a famed occasion, years ago, when he sent a fish in the same state to a political foe.) But as the presidential plaudits resounded for his departing senior enforcer, the gift seemed to refer to the future, too. It was wrapped in pages from the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times, the newspapers in the city to which he is returning. For while he is a well-known name there, no one, least of all in Chicago, is saying it will be an easy win.snip
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