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Democrats pounce as Rupert Murdoch goes live


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Rupert Murdoch appeared before a House Judiciary Committee panel Thursday as just another businessman hoping to convince lawmakers that a broad immigration overhaul — including a path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants — is good for the economy.

But Murdoch is not just any businessman. As the chairman and CEO of News Corp., Murdoch is in charge of the Democratic Party’s most powerful media nemesis — Fox News — and for Democrats on the committee, it was an opportunity they could not pass up.

Rep. Linda Sanchez of California asked Murdoch how he feels about the “anti-immigrant positions” promoted on Fox. Rep. Maxine Waters of California questioned why Murdoch hasn’t done more to promote his views through his various news outlets, which include The Wall Street Journal.

It took a Republican — Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas — to defend Fox, pointing to studies that reveal Americans perceive it as the “most fair” of all the television news networks.

They needed a reason to rant, and he happened to be there.
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