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Blissfully Delunaware


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Human Events:

Blissfully Delunaware
by Daniel J. Flynn

Christine O’Donnell’s nowhere-to-everywhere run for the Senate in Delaware has drawn comparisons to Sarah Palin’s meteoric rise. But if you believe even half of the charges leveled at O’Donnell from Delaware Democrats and their votaries in the national media, a more obvious, and embarrassing, comparison jumps to the forefront—namely, between O’Donnell and the man who until two years ago occupied the Senate seat that she now seeks.

Christine O’Donnell and Joe Biden have a penchant for speaking before thinking. Both make interesting copy from a boring state.

Biden imploring a wheelchair-bound Missouri politician to “stand up,” imparting the historic lesson that in the aftermath of the 1929 stock market crash President Roosevelt addressed the crisis on television, and issuing an overwrought warning against air-travel in the wake of 2009’s swine-flu scare are among the Vice President’s legendary gaffes. O’Donnell’s naïve candor in crusading against masturbation and confessing that she had been taken out on a high-school date to a Satanist altar have similarly come back to haunt her.snip
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