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Patients to be frozen into state of suspended animation for surgery


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UK Telegraph:

Surgeons are pioneering a method of inducing extreme hypothermia in trauma patients so that their bodies shut down entirely during major surgery, giving doctors more time to perform operations.

The technique helps to reduce the damage done to the brain and other organs while the patient's heart is not beating. It also reduces the need for anaesthetic and life support machines.

Researchers are now set to begin the first human trials of the technique, which involves replacing a patient's blood with a cold solution to rapidly chill body temperatures.

The cold treatment, which is being developed at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and is featured in a BBC Two Horizon documentary, will see patient's bodies being cooled to as low as 10 degrees C.snip
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I wonder how much legitimate research will be shut down in the aftermath of Obamacare. All these new procedures are very, very expensive. There is always equipment involved and specialized training. We should all be concerned that Obama has demonized the drug companies and doctors in general. The drug companies in the US are the ones responsible for developing all the good life saving drugs.


I'm sure this animated surgery will work very well but will it be rationed and who will be allowed to utilize it?

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