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DSCC dumps in another $470k against Toomey


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Washington Examiner:

DSCC dumps in another $470k against Toomey
Online Opinion Editor
09/23/10 1:20 PM EDT

Is the DSCC throwing good money after bad? As of today, they remain deeply committed to the Pennsylvania Senate race, where their spending now approaches $3 million in about six weeks, and their candidate still trails.

Here are their newly reported expenditures:

CO-SEN: $335000 for TV ads against Ken Buck, R.
IL-SEN: $235,000 for TV ads against Mark Kirk, R.
PA-SEN: $470000 for TV ads against Pat Toomey, R.
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I don't know if I am typical of the average voters but thanks to my DVR, I don't watch any of those expensive tv ads which get to be extremely annoying after the 25th time watching it in one day. That's why I have always questioned the millions of dollars thrown at political campaigns.

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