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Senior Administration Official: Rahm Might Leave White House Before Mid-terms


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ABC News:

Jack Tapper

"It would not surprise me” if White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel left the White House before the mid-term elections to run for Mayor of Chicago, a senior administration official tells ABC News.

Why? That official and others say the timing of the mayor’s race makes it problematic for Emanuel to wait until November.

If he did wait, “he’d have a short runway,” the official says. “He’d have less than three weeks to get all the signatures he needs and to put together a campaign.” Candidates need to collect 12,500 signatures by November 22, 2010 to qualify for a February 22, 2011 Democratic primary.

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I wonder when JJJr. is going to start leaking info on this guy? He must know something about the Urk and Rezco and Blago. Hope Blago gets to call them to testify, and the judge lets it in.

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