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Union Bosses Blow Pension Funds on Politicians - Now Want Government Bailout


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Canada Free Press:

The election cycles of 2006 and 2008 cost the labor unions many, many millions of dollars to get all those liberal Democrats elected and reelected to Congress and the presidency.

Where did those bribe bucks come from? Were they in some union slush fund? Do you suppose that all those bribes came out of the pension fund money that the suckers, er, members paid into for retirement benefits? It is becoming common knowledge that the various union pension funds may not be there when Joe or Jane ‘lunch pail’ retires.snip

The union bosses weren’t smart enough to realize why the public was so down on the Republicans so they spread bribe bucks around like a drunk on payday. The liberal Democrats did in fact take back both houses of Congress and the presidency as well. But it could have been done just as easily without breaking the bank, or more truthfully, the union members’ dues and retirement funds.snip
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