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U.S. intelligence cites 'three-way' terror axis: Iran-North Korea-Syria


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GeoStrategy Direct:

Despite growing reconciliation with the United States, Syria was expected to maintain strategic relations with Iran and North Korea.

U.S. intelligence analysts said the regime of President Bashar Assad would not sever or reduce ties with Iran or North Korea. The analysts said the U.S. decision to return its ambassador to Damascus would not hamper Syria's military and nuclear program.

"The Syrians continue to make it crystal clear that they have no intention of dropping their alliances," Tony Badran, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said.

In February 2010, Syria was reported to have received advanced military technology from North Korea. The Japanese news agency Nikkei reported that North Korea has helped Syria assemble a production line for maraging steel, a key component for ballistic missiles, chemical warheads and gas centrifuges.

"There is a three-way strategic relationship with Iran providing the financing; North Korea and Teheran, the technology; and Syria the means for weapons of mass destruction that Iran does not want found inside its territory," an intelligence analyst said.

The analyst said U.S. intelligence has been closely monitoring North Korean assistance to Syria's strategic programs. He said the U.S. monitoring enabled the interception of North Korean ships bound for Syria in 2009.

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