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F-35 radar can detect, track missile launches 800 miles away


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Geo Strategy Ditrect:

The Joint Strike Fighter has been installed with missile detection capability.
The JSF program has approved the installation of a radar that could track the launch of rockets and missiles from long ranges. The electro-optical distributed aperture system was developed and installed by Northrop Grumman, a leading subcontractor in the F-35, led by Lockheed Martin.

"The DAS could fill critical capability gaps in the area of ballistic missile defense," Dave Bouchard, program director for F-35 sensors at Northrop Grumman, said.

On Sept. 7, Northrop Grumman reported that the F-35 detected and tracked a two-stage rocket launch at a distance of more than 800 miles, or nearly 1,300 kilometers. The company said DAS tracked the rocket for nine minutes from horizon break until final burnout.

"In fact, we knew we could have seen the rocket at a longer distance," Bouchard said.

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