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Black scholars to debate how to hold Obama 'accountable'


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Washington Post:

A group probing whether President Obama is addressing issues of concern to African Americans will discuss the issue Saturday at the annual conference of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, hours before Obama is scheduled to address conference attendees.

Political scientist Ron Daniels formed the Shirley Chisholm Presidential Accountability Commission in late 2008 as a mechanism for black leaders to hold the nation's first black president accountable. Eventually, the group hopes to issue a "Report Card on Obama" about how well the administration is working to close racial disparities.

The commission is named for the first African American woman to be elected to Congress and the first woman to seek the Democratic nomination for president.

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There is no honor among thieves.


May I suggest addressing the crowd of Sanford Bishop & Eddie Bernice Johnson's relatives; and asking if they haven't "helped themseves" enough?


If they changed their name to, "Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Union", they might be eligible for stimulus funding.

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