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Dirty Sexy Know-Nothing


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Human Events:

Dirty Sexy Know-Nothing
by Dan Riehl

Giving serious thought to Arizona Sen. John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, is like walking face-first into the seemingly thick ick of a cobweb on a late night stroll. One knows something is there, however indefinable. You've encountered it, strangely. Try as you might, you can't help but shudder and pull back, repulsed. Yet, somehow, you're still left unsure if there was really much of anything there worth taking seriously when you're through.

The New York Times entitled a recent article about her, Daughter of John McCain Is A Rebel. But is she that? In some ways, she seems little more than the full-throated expression of her politically and otherwise wayward and confused father, John McCain, himself.

Call her a chippie off the old block, if you will. One can easily imagine the senator just as relaxed, comfortable inside the Valley Ho, the Scottsdale hotel from which she first launched her, according to the Times, "misfired" blog, McCain Blogette. Well, if one is going to misfire, I suppose inside the Valley Ho is as good a place as any to do it.

Perhaps John McCain was being autobiographically prescient in 2003, when he quipped, if "Washington is a Hollywood for ugly people" ..."Hollywood is a Washington for the simpleminded."

For her significant lack of substantive accomplishment through internships, jobs and assignments handed her, Megan McCain strikes one as the living, breathing and heaving, meaty embodiment of the merging of the two—Hollywood and Washington.snip
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