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I Like Tony Blair


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American Spectator:

I Like Tony Blair
By R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. on 9.9.10 @ 6:09AM

WASHINGTON -- I like Tony Blair. The left is always lecturing us conservatives on moderation. It would do us good, they say. If only we were moderate we might win the fall elections. Yet, we are likely to go for people like Joe Miller in Alaska and the dreaded Sharron Angle in Nevada, and we are going to get clobbered, or at least not win as thumpingly as expected. For some reason, this troubles sages like E.J. Dionne and Sam Tanenhaus. I sense they cry to crocodile tears, but maybe I have misperceived them. Maybe they really wish us the best. Is it another manifestation of the Liberal Death Wish? As the Liberals approach the Islamofascists they clearly have it, and as they approach the economy a death wish is all I see. Maybe they have it with conservatism too.

So take heart E.J. and Sam. I like Tony. Do you? Is he centrist enough?snip
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