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Fidel Castro leads first mass rally in four years


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Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro on Friday completed a return to public life, leading his first mass rally since an illness forced him from the presidency four years ago.

Castro, 84, wearing his trademark olive green uniform -- but without any military insignias -- addressed thousands of students and others at the University of Havana, where he warned about the threat of nuclear war should the United States or Israel attack Iran.

For years after intestinal surgery that forced him to hand power to his younger brother Raul in 2006, Fidel Castro hardly made so much as a public appearance.

But in recent weeks he has emerged from seclusion, making at least eight public appearances in three weeks, culminating August 8 with an address before the country's National Assembly -- his first in four years.

Of late, Castro's attentions have shifted from Cuba's domestic scene and the ongoing tensions between the Communist isle and the United States.

Instead, the aging revolutionary has begun to warn of a "nuclear holocaust" and now calls for a world free of weapons of mass destruction.

Though clearly stronger than in the period after his surgery, when he was at first to frail to walk, Castro organized the Friday rally in the early morning, "before the sun is too hot," he said.

The demonstration, broadcast live on national television, came a few days before Cuban students return to university.

He lives! :o:P
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Just barely. He wants to feel relevant one more time before he kicks it. Or before we send Osama to spy on him.


We can only hope he croaks before Obambi goes apologizing to him... :blink:

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I just checked, JFK would have been 93 this year. Didn't know he was so much older than Fidel.


Doesn't mean anything, just saying.


I think that like Reagan held on till another Republican was in office before he passed away, (because he didn't want Bill and Her Heinousness pissing on his grave) JFK would have wanted to outlast Fidel Castro, which shouldn't be very long.


And Raoul shouldn't be too far behind...


I can taste that Cuban rum and Havana cigars, soon...

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