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Japan Loses 25 Percent Of Their Spy Satellites


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20100902.aspxThe Strategy Page:


One of Japan's four spy satellites, the only one equipped with radar, has failed. Ground controllers are trying to fix it remotely. It was only three years ago that Japan launched its fourth spy satellite into orbit, using a Japanese-made rocket. The third bird was launched four years ago. The first two were launched in 2003. The 2006 launch was the second of three optical reconnaissance satellites. The cameras on board can make out objects as small as one meter in diameter. The best U.S. spy satellites can make out much smaller objects, but for Japan's needs, one meter is adequate. Only one of the four birds carry radar, providing all weather coverage. Technically, the satellites are in violation of a 1969 Japanese law, which mandated Japan to only use space for non-military purposes. To get around this, these satellites are technically non-military, and are not controlled by the military.




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