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To Kill an Apostate


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Front Page Magazine:

To Kill an Apostate

Some Muslim leaders in America deny that there are any threats to the lives and safety of Muslims who decide to leave Islam. It is as though they have no role to play in changing the status quo of the tyranny of Islam. Muslim groups who call themselves “moderate” are strangely silent about the persecution, torture, killing, and imprisonment of apostates, women, and non-Muslims all over the Muslim world. All they seem to care about is pacifying the American public and convincing them that Islam is a “religion of peace,” while hiding from view the fact that 1.2 billion Muslims are living under the tyranny of Sharia Islamic law, and how that tyranny is creeping into the West.

Whenever asked about what is happening in the Muslim world and its tragic impact on the West, critics are accused of being “Islamophobes” who need sensitivity training. What defenders of Islam say is: “We believe that Islam is a religion of peace and thus you too must believe the same, and never mind what your gut tells you or what is actually happening to your country from the Islamic invasion.” They want us to disregard those who issue fatwas of death against Western politicians such as Geert Wilders, cartoonists, film makers, apostates, and practically any one who dares ask the difficult questions Islam has refused to answer since its inception.

On Nov. 19, 2009, Sheila Musaji, editor of the American Muslim, wrote an article attacking Former Muslims United (FMU). Ms. Musaji state:

This FMU pledge is simply another attempt to create propaganda (planting the idea that American Muslims have not taken a position against punishments for apostasy) and to attempt to make it seem as if only former Muslims can stand for what is right, and frankly to attempt to increase the visibility of the FMU at the expense of the Muslim community. This is shameful behavior (although typical of members of this group who go beyond denouncing Islamic radicalism to denouncing all of Islam) and is simply another example of attempting to marginalize the Muslim community and bolster the false claim that Muslims don’t speak up against injustices, extremism, etc.

FMU sent over 165 letters (Muslim Pledge for Religious Freedom and Safety from Harm for Former Muslims) to various Muslim leaders in America. We needed their support and for them to prove how dedicated they are in reforming the radicals whom they believe are not true Muslims. The pledge states that they repudiate the laws and commandments that condemn apostates to death or discrimination under Islam.

But unfortunately, Muslim groups operating in America have not signed our plea letter or even responded. Only two Muslim reformists signed the pledge, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Mr. Ali Alyami.

On September 24, 2009 however, two days after we mailed our pledges, Musaji wrote an article stating: “We live in a country where such freedom [of religion] is a foundational principle and must be defended. We must continue to insist on the Islamic principle that there is ‘no compulsion in religion.’”snip
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