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Will Obama Bomb Iran?


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Washington Examiner:

Will Obama bomb Iran?
Commentary Staff Writer
08/01/10 3:05 PM EDT

In my July 21 Examiner column I wrote that recent articles by Time’s Joe Klein and the American Interest’s Walter Russell Mead suggested to me that the Obama administration was seriously considering a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. I paid particular attention to these articles because Klein has been an outspoken opponent of such an attack and Mead is by no means an advocate for it. Now comes further evidence, in an opinion article in the Washington Post by Steven Simon and Ray Takeyh. They are by no means right-wingers; Simon worked in Bill Clinton’s National Security Council and Takeyh is described as a former adviser to the Obama administration. Their article takes quite seriously the possibility that the president will order such an attack; it also assesses the difficulties and risks encountered in such a move—and no one argues that there are no difficulties and risks, though Reuel Marc Gerecht, whom I also cited in my July 21 column, thinks they’re not as great as many others do.
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