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Kerry: Those Yacht Taxes? I Was Gonna Pay Them......


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Washington Examiner:

Kerry: Those yacht taxes? I was gonna pay them. . .
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07/30/10 10:06 AM EDT

After taking a beating from the press (and Jon Stewart) regarding taxes on his $7 million yacht, Sen. John Kerry is in full damage control mode to set the record straight.

The Massachusetts senator met with Boston Globe reporters for 45 minutes yesterday in hopes to put the issue to rest.

“Legally, I’m not compelled (to pay the taxes),’’ he said. “But politically, and in terms of the perception, that is something that came at us unexpectedly, before I had gotten to the point of doing what we needed to do. That’s the way it is, that’s the way life is sometimes. . . . I should have paid more attention and done it faster or whatever. I just didn’t think we had to.’’

Watch below:snip
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