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The Shirley Sherrod incident gets curiouser and curiouser


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I Hate the Media (h/t Gateway Pundit):

Just when you thought the Shirley Sherrod incident was fading away, up pops Republican Rep. Steve King with a whole new perspective.

In this clip, the conservative congressman tells talk show host Ben Shapiro that Sherrod was hired by the USDA under highly unusual circumstances.

King tells the story of the Pickford Farms case, in which black farmers were discriminated against. Claims were paid out to more than 20,000 black farmers despite the fact that there were only 18,000 black farmers in America.

Turns out that one of the largest payouts went to – are you ready? – Shirley Sherrod. And the timing between her payout and her initial hiring at the USDA raises some questions in King’s mind.


H/T: Gateway Pundit
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